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Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi | Dating Red Flags

Dating style, 4 rules to live by.

Dating Red Flags! We’re back with Dating Tips with Bela Gandhi founder of Smart Dating Academy. Here are the top red flags you should be on the lookout for. #BelaGandhi has tips for all of this and more!

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  1. I’m 62, a disabled veteran from the U.S. Navy (19 years). I have a lot of medical issues that I can’t overcome. How do I date someone?

    1. You can date people when you have medical issues – just has to be people that will be compassionate with and OK with your situation. Try online dating again, there are so many great people out there looking for love, just like you. There are lids for every pot – and I hope that you can find yours! Love, Bela

  2. I have questions about open relationships. What’s the purpose of them. I don’t feel comfortable with talking to or being friends with a guy who’s got someone already.

    1. Open relationships are for people who are OK with their partners dating other people. In the beginning of dating, most people are dating multiple people (or assume they are!) until you’ve had the “determine the relationship” conversation. Once you agree to be ‘exclusive’, most people don’t date anyone else. Love, Bela

  3. Does long distance dating work?

    1. It can definitely work short term. Long term, there needs to be a plan to get to the same location. You can make the short term work by lots of phone calls, Face Times, trips to see each other. Love, Bela

  4. When a man say he is interested in you but show it, but always would tell me he working a lot. Is this just excuse that he just doesn’t want to be with me.

    1. It could be. Typically, when someone wants to be with you, they make the time and ‘move mountains’ to be with you. Find someone whose actions matches his words. Love, Bela

  5. I wanted to add with my other comment was when a man say he is interested in you but don’t show it.

  6. I need help with my dating profile and pictures.

    1. Check out our website – there are lots of free bits of information about how to have a great profile and photos. We also have a webinar recording called “Dating Over 50” which goes into this in detail at http://www.smartdatingacademy.com/webinars. I hope that this helps! Love, Bela

  7. Steve I ben with my partner for 17years and 4 kids now shes not happy and i would love to spend the rest of my life with her .. Steve you have any advice please please help me Steve…

    1. … It sounds like there are reasons why she isn’t happy – do you know what these are and do you agree? Can you enter relationship counseling together to work through the issues? Getting a relationship back on track is more than we can do in this advice blog. It needs transparency, and lots of work and willingness on both sides to make it work out.

  8. Thanks for the advice. This just confirms that I recently made the right decision. I had ONE date with a man who brought me a dozen roses at the beginning of the date . At one point during the date he excused himself to the bathroom and returned with a silver bracelet for me. I thank him and his response was “I bet you have never had anything like that before.. it was only $42.00.
    That night after the date he called and messaged me three more times. the next morning he was texting me like crazy, left me three messages. Finally, I got on the phone with him but he never let me have word in. So I did the bad thing by telling him there would be no more dates via text messaging. He then blew up my phone with three more phone calls a messages asking me what he did wrong and suggesting I should give him one more chance. When I blocked him he called me using an unknown phone number. I won’t go on. But I am glad I followed my instincts!!

  9. Hey bela ..I follow you because I love you and Steve Harvey for your advices.which dating sites would you recommend I want to find some for myself.i need to find true love

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