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Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi: Dating Style

Dating style, 4 rules to live by.

Here’s a new episode of “Dating tips with Bela Gandhi” founder of Smart Dating Academy! Dating style, 4 rules to live by. Ever wonder what should I wear on a date? Bela is going to give you the fool proof answers that will work every time whether you are a woman or a man! When you look good, you feel good. For more tips watch Dating with Bela Gandhi or visit SmartDatingAcademy.com.


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  1. Steve tell her don’t ware that dress she’s wareing 馃馃馃馃

    1. SO want the Gentle man to date

    2. I need to go on a date one day being a single mother is hard 馃檪but I am blessed

  2. First date; both parties should dress appropriately, so both can earn respect. If the lady shows off too much skin, it could put her in an unexpected situation ( ready to get in bed) Modesty is the best policy; if he鈥檚 a gentleman he will respect you. Don鈥檛 kiss on the first date, get to know each other well first. Don鈥檛 invite for nightcap. If he invites you to dinner or movie, he pays, if the lady does, she pays unless he offers. Don鈥檛 ask where you work, you could ask : are you married. Talk about life, weather, yourselves. Be a gentleman, Be a lady.

  3. Dear whomever I can’t find a new single women I live in clinton Missouri thanks

  4. I love her dress. And learn how to spell Jacqueline — smh

  5. I鈥檓 54 looking for a genuine,respectful man who will value and appreciate me as I will do the same. I鈥檓 very outgoing and spontaneous and adventurous. I love to live life to the fullest. Online dating services make me nervous I鈥檝e caught 5 cat fishers so far listen to your gut feeling it will tell you An these people won鈥檛 FaceTime sure way to figure out it if there legitimate .i get lots of compliments on my profile do you have any suggestions for me

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