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Family Feud has never asked me…

I took a different approach when it came down to Family Feud. God And The Game Show.

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  1. Steve does an awesome job hosting Family Fued. He always makes the guest feel comfortable and they appear to have a great time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great thinking Steve

  3. Mr. Harvey, you are funny & crazy like a fox, however you have not lied. Keep talking about GOD, keep praising GOD and all will see what he will continue to do! Maybe someone else will see the light!

  4. Steve you are the a Browns fan.I have faith in you.

  5. I love Steve Harvey and everything he does!!😊

  6. Keep building up people’s faith. We need more of God in our life.

  7. Talking about God ! One best thing ever! I thank you for thank God you spread his grace Steve!

  8. Right on Steve! Just keep giving God the glory!

  9. Amen to that. If you have a problem with me mentioning God after all he has done for me then tune me out. Good for you Steve.

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