How I Got The Gig

Here's the story of how I got the 'Family Feud' gig.

Here’s the story of how I got the ‘Family Feud’ gig. It almost didn’t happen, this is a really funny story. It’s really obvious the way I ask and respond to the questions and treat the contestants on the show is completely opposite of the last host. The truth is I say is exactly what Y’all are thinking at the house. Someone gives a crazy answer, I call it out as crazy 🤣😁😂You know some of these responses are just too crazy “ain’t no way in hell” it’s on the board ❌❌❌🤣😁😁

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  1. I enjoyed looking at family game show, but my cable was cut and now I’m getting behind in my house payments. I have been on life support a few years ago so I have medical bills and things are hard, but God is going to bring me out of this alright! Amen

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