Stop the Food Chaos! Try the PEVY Diet

Works best for long term, success in health and weight loss

By Roni DeLuz RN, ND, Ph. D

What is the PEVY diet?


There are many weight loss trends promising long term results, however, the eating plan I find works best for long term, success in health and weight loss is the PEVY diet. The PEVY diet is designed to repair the body at the cellular level through medical nutrition. Many of the health benefits are weight loss, control of sugar, aiding metabolism, increased energy, enhanced immune system, lowered inflammation, performance enhancement, muscle building and strength. The PEVY diet provides maximum nutrition in small dosages, every few hours, all day. The foods in the PEVY diet are healthful for a variety of reasons, not just for weight loss, but also for improved memory, delivery and absorption of certain nutrients and hormone balance. Foods include essential fatty acids – which aid in digestion, the absorption of carbohydrates and a sense of feeling full when eating. Essential fatty acids are omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, avocados, salmon oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts and nut butters, flaxseeds, sardines, fatty fish, eggs, olives and olive oil.

Is the PEVY diet like the Keto diet?

Although a Keto diet is trendy and research states it can be effective in treating some illnesses like diabetes, cancer, seizures and more, it is unclear about long term effects and safety of eating a Keto diet. Most people who go on a Keto diet eat a meat-based diet that is high in animal fats which may be harmful to ones’ kidneys. It appears that a Keto diet can be helpful in short term weight loss, but difficult to maintain long term. A Keto diet can cause a “yo-yo” dieting cycle, causing more weight gain long term. Rapid weight loss and weight gain is connected to higher rates of premature death according to research. When seeking a long-term change, the best approach is to seek out a diet like the PEVY diet that can be maintained for life. The PEVY diet is a balanced, unprocessed diet, rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Most fruit is not part of the PEVY diet because fruit contains more sugar than nutrients. However, fruit in the berry family has high potency antioxidants and is used in berry smoothies. Berries on the PEVY diet include Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Acai, Goji, Pomegranate and Resveratrol. As I have mentioned in the past, it is estimated that half of the population is deficient in nutrients due to our modern agriculture ways and our use of pesticides and fertilizers. Supplements you may need, in addition to food on the PEVY diet should be determined by a micronutrient blood analysis.

5 guidelines to follow on the PEVY diet:

1. Stop eating SUGAR. Eat antioxidants in the berry family daily.
2. 75% of your vegetables should be green.
3. Drink green juice twice daily.
4. Eat plant-based protein 4x a week, eat animal meats 3x a week.
5. Take food enzymes with all chewing meals.

High lectin foods to avoid (AKA Nightshades)

1. Tomatoes
2. White Potatoes
3. Eggplants
4. Green Red Yellow or Orange peppers
5. Paprika

Here’s a sample of a PEVY diet eating day:

9:00am Plant based protein smoothie with 2 boiled devil eggs
10:00am Water (with lemons, limes, cucumbers)
11:00am Almond butter on veggie sticks
12:00pm Water (with lemons, limes, cucumbers)
1:00pm Tuna salad or chicken salad, or egg salad on greens
2:00pm Ginger tea
3:00pm Berry antioxidant smoothie (see recipe below)
4:00pm Water (with lemons, limes, cucumbers)
6:00pm Salmon, sweet potato and steamed kale

Berry antioxidant smoothie recipes

Berry antioxidant smoothie recipe:

¾ cup frozen wild blueberries
¾ cup frozen goji berries
11/2 cups almond milk
Juice and zest from one lemon
Blend until smooth

When can I start?

Most people start the PEVY diet right after the 21 pound detox and use it for maintenance or a lifestyle (ie long term) diet. Some people just jump on board and start the PEVY diet right away. You can also use this diet as a weight loss program, but not as a detox program.

In summary, the PEVY diet is primarily focused on vegetables, healthy fats, antioxidants with a small amount of quality organic protein. An important part of eating the PEVY diet is knowing what nutrients or supplements protect your body at the cellular level. The PEVY diet can be used to fight a variety of illnesses, including: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune illnesses, inflammation, arthritis and cancer to name a few. For more information visit

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  1. Sounds like a diet or lifestyle i would follow. What’s the 21 pound detox. Definitely need to do that.

  2. Hello Mary!
    The 21 lbs in 21 Days Detox has been helping people for over 15 years now to get healthier, cure and treat many different chronic illnesses including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many more while detoxing your system of harmful toxins that keep us sick and unhealthy. Only 21 days of my detox will have your skin brighter and more clear, your hair and nails will grow longer and stronger, you can lose 21-25 lbs or more, and your energy will soar! Let us know if you are ready to detox and email us at [email protected] and always keep checking this site for more information and articles. Have a great night!

  3. Hello Roni DeLuz ,Great article, it is totally helpful for me.

  4. This article feels like a life changer and I just shared it with my wife and I have her support. 75% of the mindset! After 50 years she’s the food boss.

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