Take Action Today

What are you waiting for? God has a great life for you but you have to get yourself in a position to receive it.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us moving and thinking doing more

  2. I love it. Like Mr. Steve Harvey said, what are you waiting on. Get started Today right now. Let’s go people.

  3. This was confirmation for me! I was just thinking about how I need to get rid of clothes I no longer wear and asked God to give me the strength to do it as I have a bad back and am an amputee. I will clean my closet and I will give God the Glory!!

  4. Hey Steve I appreciate all your thoughts that you put out there for me to read and listen to u I watch your show every day from 6 to7an then again from 10 to 12 that is my dream is to come be on Steve Harvey show one day before I live this world I have a brother he is special need and he love your show ❤️ our mother died and her last words was to me was to please take care of him and don’t put him in one of those facilities and I promise her that I wouldn’t do that I have been taking care of him for 19 years I put my career on hold to take care my brother I love him dearly he thinks he’s Michael Jackson so I let him be who he wants my mother had 13 kids and I have 9 still living they ok and I have 7 🐕 and 2 🐈 and on 🐢 and I love them the cat is for my brother anxiety to keep him calm but I just wanted to let you know I love new show and I respect u and I admire u for how u speak about how homeless u were I have your book and reads it all the time may God continue pouring blessings upon you God bless 🙌

  5. Good morning Steve I listen to you every day every morning at 5 AM and you really Helping motivating me from day to day. I have issues just like everyone else but for some reason my son just can’t get it together I’ve spent so much money on him it is unreal I’m just wondering if he’ll ever get it together. He just turned 21 in August of last year he spent that in jail and I keep axing him to go and get help but for some reason he feels like he doesn’t need it but he truly does. My son has a felony and 21 years old how do you have a child with something like this. I’m so ashamed of his life that I don’t let anyone into mine because he’s my only child and he’s all I have I just needed someone to talk to you about it he got a felony for me jumping on his wife and now I just found out that he’s doing it again with the new girlfriend. I just sleep to figure out a way to help him to get help because I wanna go on with my life it’s some point. Thanks for listening

  6. Absolutely, Amen


  8. I am so honored to have met a profound human that has the drive I do have and yet not used in a minute. Thank You God and Thank you Steve for the uplifting message✌🏿🙏🏾

  9. Look at God! He knows what to say and when to say it!.
    I’ve been going through debating on what next I want to do in life for my career that I would be happy doing. Been at the same job for 18years and I’m just not happy there anymore. I’m currently doing a hobby that I love. And this message just gave me confirmationinto what i need to do next. I want to say thank you for letting God use you.

  10. Mr.Harvey I know u been thru the storm cause you have a testimony,I just want to thank you for your word it mean so much to me every time I here u speak.My son is incarcerated I always tell him how far u have come so if u can do it so can he..will u just pray for him and others we all need prayer..thanks..

  11. I’m older than Steve Harvey, but I can still receive help from what Steve says! I think Steve has lived it! He knows what he’s talking about. He has “been there, done that!” I appreciate his great advice, his understanding of people and their problems and his sharing his life and experiences with all of us. Thank God that Steve’s parents were fine people who poured into their children the things they had learned and held Steve to a high standard. He may not have always done what they wanted him to do, but he remembers their advice, their help, and their prayers. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and WHEN HE IS OLD, HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT!” We all know that children have a period of time where they want to “go it on their own”…in their own way, their own time…as if what their parents taught them doesn’t matter. WE HAVE BEEN THAT WAY TOO! (Whether we want to admit it or not). I’m thankful for Steve, his REAL LIFE ADVICE, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, but also HIS BLESSINGS! I THANK GOD FOR STEVE, MARJORIE AND THEIR LIVES. THEY ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO ALL OF US WHO WILL LISTEN, IDENTIFY WITH WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY, AND LEARN FROM IT. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS THE HARVEY FAMILY IN EVERY WAY: Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Love from our home to yours!

  12. Love this Steve as I do all of your commentaries!

  13. Absolutely amazing words of wisdom.

  14. so true thanks for this motivation.

  15. Thank you for ringing it home! Like you said ‘Tomorrow Ain’t Promised”. I need God’s Promises today!

  16. Thanks Mr Harvey, I have been putting off something very important with my daughter. I am going to do it right now. God has always given me the right time to move forward with my life and you gave the a sign to make the next, move in hope to fix our mother daughter relationship. Please continue to share your lessons in life. It seems that people keep trying to reinvent the wheel. B Green

  17. Amen! I’m ready to receive it

  18. you keep on giving hope..and love…i love you and your whole family for that!!

  19. I think your amazing, but I have an ideal, call me so we can make this money lol🤗

  20. Two of my main goals in life are to open a homeless shelter for children and adolescents in my community and take my mom to a Steve Harvey show. I work at a mental health hospital for children and adolescents from ages 5 to 17 and I have a deep passion for owning operating my own homeless shelter. We deal with suicidal, homicidal, self harming children, homeless and schizophrenic children. A lot of those children don’t have anywhere to go and I know with the right education and help I can get those children somewhere safe to live.
    My mother is a phenomenal woman she is really my great aunt. She has been with her husband for 40+ years. When my biological Mother got killed my great aunt which whom I call my mom now took my brother and I in with no questions asked hands-down. My great aunt and her husband, who just retired from the post office for 40 years, raised me and my brother tremendously. From private schools to structure to vacations to discipline, they have definitely been role models in my life. All I want to know is when and where I can bring my mom to meet Steve Harvey !?!?! He is so inspirational in both our lives. I have a 17-year-old son who is very smart and is great at basketball and will be going to college this fall. I would also like to bring him as well so he can have a opportunity to meet & talk to greatness. With God and believing in my faith in God I do know that all things are possible😊 Look at #SteveHarvey…

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