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The Legacy Of Martin Lawrence

If you can boil Martin's legacy down to one thing, it's character development.

Uncle Snoop is also Granddaddy Snoop

Snoop Dogg has watched so many kids shows with his grandson that he is now going to create one.

Mark Feuerstein Tells Steve What It’s Like To Work With His Wife On Set

The "9JKL" actor discusses what it?s like to work with his wife as a producer on his show.

Parents Of Young Kids Will Love Steve’s R&B Take On Parenting

Raising kids isn't for the weak of heart, and he knows it!

Wanda Sykes Shares How She Knows When Her Kids Are Talking About Her In French

Her solution cracks Steve up?and teaches him a little French, too.

Arsenio Hall Warns Steve Not To Go Out For Coffee With Eddie Murphy

Eddie's pretty generous... which makes everyone else look a little stingy.

Watch This Crazy Magic Trick Make Steve Question Reality

Not only can this magician unlock Steve's phone, he blows the audience's mind with his show-stopping trick.

What Every Parent Thinks Watching Their Kids’ Play Sports

Steve Harvey reminds all the parents (at least the ones out there trying) how much love it takes to sit through some of those games.

This Granny Shows Steve A Thing Or Two About Getting Down On The Dance Floor

She's got some moves... and Steve's not too bad himself!

Last Laugh: The Best Ride Reaction Video Steve Harvey Has Ever Seen

An amusement park ride operator plays the perfect prank on the riders.

8-Year-Old Barber Cuts One of Our Producers Hair on Set

8-Year-Old Barber Cuts One of Our Producers Hair on Set

Steve Meets This Adorable Old Couple That Has Visited Every Cracker Barrel

40 years and 645 stops later, Steve has a special surprise for Ray and Wilma... tickets to the newest Cracker Barrel grand opening!

Here Are 3 Of Our Favorite Couples from Steve’s Dating Pool

In case you didn't know, Steve is a real-life Cupid.

You’ll Be Amazed By The Strength And Resilience Of These 2 Guests on STEVE

Everyday people prove anyone can showcase Black Excellence.

Steve Has No Shortage of Excellent Black Male Role Models on His Talk Show

Check out these celebrities talk about what really matters.

Here’s What Steve Has To Say About This Cheater Who Can’t Stay Faithful

Steve and his Straight Talk panel are not having any of this man's excuses.

This Makeover Of A Local Lunch Lady Will Inspire You

They gave her the "Anita Baker" makeover.