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Six Fighting Words Couples Know & Hate

The 6 fighting words that all couples know and hate!

Audience Member Gets a Surprise Makeover

When one of my audience members asked for advice on how to dress better, I was more than ready to help out!

Parenting Tip: Yelling Vs Whispering

Is yelling at your kids is unnecessary?

Shantae Scores BIG Playing Harvey’s Hundreds

Shantae couldn't be more excited to play!

Moments in Black History | Willie Eldon O’Ree

O'Ree played as a winger for the Boston Bruins.

Moments in Black History | Dr. Gladys West

Today we celebrate Dr. Gladys West, the "Hidden Figure" behind the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Moments in Black History | Claudette Colvin

You know the story of Rosa Parks. But have you heard of Claudette Colvin?

How Many Hundreds Will She Get?

How many Hundreds are you getting at home on the Harvey's Hundreds App?

Straight Talk: Brooke Burke & Dr. Drew Weigh In On The Differences When Raising Boys & Girls

Today I introduced the first Straight Talk panel featuring women AND men.

Cheryl Burke Plays Harvey’s Hundreds

More fun than Words with Friends?!

Hey Steve: Is it too Late for My Dream Career?

A professional race car driver in the Golden Years?

This Pilot Soars Playing Harvey’s Hundreds

This airline pilot and his fiancée try to land big bucks playing Harvey's Hundreds.

Hey Steve: What Are My Boyfriend’s Intentions

This woman needs help figuring out her boyfriend's intentions. Watch me cut to the chase in this #HeySteve clip.

Relationship Loopholes

A woman went viral for making a list of rules for her boyfriend. Leave it up to me to find the loopholes.

Hey Steve: I’m Trying To Reconnect With My Sister

This man is trying to reconnect with his estranged sister and asks me for help.

Kevin Hart Plays Harvey’s Hundreds

Kevin Hart surprises everyone and helps a lucky audience member win big on Harvey's Hundreds.

How Marjorie and Steve First Met

The story of how Marjorie and Steve first met ... according to Marjorie!

A Dad Does What It Takes for the Dress!

When Ricky’s daughter wanted a new dress for her formal, he wasn’t able to afford it. But he did what it took to get it - and caught the surprise on camera. For 15% off your next dress, head to and use code Steve15 at check out!

Harvey’s Hundreds: The Biggest Cash Prize Yet!

Publishers Clearing House is helping Steve give out the biggest cash prizes yet!

Hey Steve: Holding on to Infidelity

One of Steve’s audience members made the mistake of infidelity years ago. He wants to know how long it should be used against him.

The Hilarious Kevin Hart Is Inspired!

The one and only Kevin Hart stopped by and told Steve about the comedians who inspired him.

Drive-Through Singer Stuns Audience

When a video of 16-year-old Cecily singing at a McDonalds drive-through went viral, Steve asked her to perform on the show - and she blew away the audience.

Dancing Dentist Meets Steve

Video of this Dancing Dentist was viewed by millions - so Steve brought him on the show. The ladies in the audience could barely contain themselves.

13-Year-Old Hot Dog Salesman Won’t Be Stopped!

Someone called the city on 13-year-old Jaequan for selling hot dogs. But the city stepped up and helped him get his permits. Now he’s telling the story to Steve - who has a lot of surprises in store for Jaequan!

Caught Skipping Work for a Job Fair

Ja’Naea thought she was quietly skipping work so she could find a new job. Things didn’t go exactly as she planned - and now she’s telling the story to Steve.

Steve’s Not Negotiating with Kids

Parenting has suddenly become an act of negotiation. When did that start happening?

The Legacy Of Martin Lawrence

If you can boil Martin's legacy down to one thing, it's character development.

Uncle Snoop is also Granddaddy Snoop

Snoop Dogg has watched so many kids shows with his grandson that he is now going to create one.

Mark Feuerstein Tells Steve What It’s Like To Work With His Wife On Set

The "9JKL" actor discusses what it?s like to work with his wife as a producer on his show.

Parents Of Young Kids Will Love Steve’s R&B Take On Parenting

Raising kids isn't for the weak of heart, and he knows it!

Wanda Sykes Shares How She Knows When Her Kids Are Talking About Her In French

Her solution cracks Steve up?and teaches him a little French, too.

Arsenio Hall Warns Steve Not To Go Out For Coffee With Eddie Murphy

Eddie's pretty generous... which makes everyone else look a little stingy.

Watch This Crazy Magic Trick Make Steve Question Reality

Not only can this magician unlock Steve's phone, he blows the audience's mind with his show-stopping trick.

What Every Parent Thinks Watching Their Kids’ Play Sports

Steve Harvey reminds all the parents (at least the ones out there trying) how much love it takes to sit through some of those games.

This Granny Shows Steve A Thing Or Two About Getting Down On The Dance Floor

She's got some moves... and Steve's not too bad himself!

Last Laugh: The Best Ride Reaction Video Steve Harvey Has Ever Seen

An amusement park ride operator plays the perfect prank on the riders.

8-Year-Old Barber Cuts One of Our Producers Hair on Set

8-Year-Old Barber Cuts One of Our Producers Hair on Set

Steve Meets This Adorable Old Couple That Has Visited Every Cracker Barrel

40 years and 645 stops later, Steve has a special surprise for Ray and Wilma... tickets to the newest Cracker Barrel grand opening!

Here Are 3 Of Our Favorite Couples from Steve’s Dating Pool

In case you didn't know, Steve is a real-life Cupid.

You’ll Be Amazed By The Strength And Resilience Of These 2 Guests on STEVE

Everyday people prove anyone can showcase Black Excellence.

Steve Has No Shortage of Excellent Black Male Role Models on His Talk Show

Check out these celebrities talk about what really matters.

Here’s What Steve Has To Say About This Cheater Who Can’t Stay Faithful

Steve and his Straight Talk panel are not having any of this man's excuses.

This Makeover Of A Local Lunch Lady Will Inspire You

They gave her the "Anita Baker" makeover.