8 Ways to Crush 2020

Make it the Best Year Ever!

Rev Up Your Summer Love

Summer is a special time for find or rediscover love -- both for singles and couples.

Steve Harvey’s 2019 Mentoring Camp

Mentorship. Brotherhood. Empowerment. Discipline. Education. Leadership. Forgiveness. Healing.

Dating With Tips With Bela Gandhi | Spicing It Up

Wondering how to get that old flame back?

Dating With Tips With Bela Gandhi | Dating Mastery

1 in 3 marriages happen because of online dating

8 Self Love Tips to Become a Dating Rockstar

As much as we try to boost our own self-esteem and love ourselves, some days are harder than others.

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi | Dating Rockstar

Finding love is one of the most important things you'll ever do.

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi | Acing The Date

First dates can be a lot of fun but how do you ace the first several dates?

Dating Red Flags!

When red flags present themselves, it's only a matter of time before you see more of this negative behavior.

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi | Dating Red Flags

Dating style, 4 rules to live by.

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi: Dating Over 50

Dating style, 4 rules to live by.

Don’t Get Reeled in By a Catfisher

Singles over 50 are the fastest growing segment of online daters — and the most likely to be scammed by a “catfisher.”

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi: Dating Style

Dating style, 4 rules to live by.

Dating Tips With Bela Gandhi

Check out Bela's first Steve Harvey digital-exclusive: "Dating Mistakes" Five of The Biggest Mistakes Men and Women Make.

5 More Dating Mistakes

We couldn’t cover them all in one dating mistakes video!

Meet Bela Gandhi, Dating and Relationship Expert

She's the founder of Smart Dating Academy and a weekly media correspondent

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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Why relating to your teen is every bit as important, but not nearly as hard as you think.

The Power of Perseverance

How Staying the Course in Your Relationship is the Sexiest Thing Ever

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What Every New Parent Should Know, But Nobody Tells You

Rethinking Date Night

Fun ways to ensure your dates aren’t drab

Bouncing Back From Betrayal

Do you stay or do you ghost?

Advice for the Fantasy Football Widow


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The story of how Marjorie and Steve first met ... according to Marjorie!

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